Another great rowefarms™ Farm Day!

Red Fife Rowe Farm Day Organic Healthy Pasta

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All of us at Red Fife by Rowe would like to thank you and your families for coming to another great farm day.

This year we enjoyed sharing John's Rowe's secret red fife blueberry bran muffin recipe with you alongside some of our favourite red fife pastries and breads. Our fresh from the garden vegetables and greens were picked that very morning and we've made a video with some fantastic images of the harvest.

Red Fife Rowe Farm Day 2016 

Naturally our Red Fife by Rowe pasta was made fresh for the week and the positive feedback we received from new visitors mirrored what our dedicated customers have been saying all along.

"Where can we buy
Red Fife by Rowe Pasta and Flour?"

Of course you can find us every weekend at local farmers markets along with new ones we are adding every year. The news are excited to share is that we are working hard to bring our pasta to rowefarm stores near you this winter. Stay connected and get updates first on facebook or your favourite social network. 

Red Fife Rowe Farm Day 2016  Red Fife Blueberry Bran Muffin Recipe Rowe Farms

Thanks again for another tremendous show of support for RedFife and to learning and sharing about organic farming. We look forward to seeing you at the next market. 

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